Friendships between boys and girls

First of all, many might wonder if friendship between boys and girls can be just platonic or not. It could be just pure friendship but you have to be careful about the things that you say, share and the level of intimacy with the person.

Secondly, people thought that real friendship between boys and girls is not possible, it is actually accomplishable. How to keep the friendship simple between two different genders?

  • Try not to overstep the boundary between friendship and relationship. And that means to treat each other as you would to a friend and not do anything more than that.
  •  Be honest about yourself to your friend and most importantly, share your thoughts about the friendship.
  • Communication is the key to sustaining your friendship. Never spend too much time with a friend of opposite gender.


Lastly, there are Disadvantages and benefits for friendships between boys and girls.

  • Having friends of the opposite gender helps in understanding certain perspective of the opposite gender.

*Example: Getting advice from someone who has a different point of view on the problem that you experience can encourage you to deal the problem with a positive attitude.

  •  You can gain insight from making friends with the opposite gender. Your friend might know the answer to your doubts about the opposite gender, and by interacting and communicating with them you will be able to find out about it.

Last but not least, the disadvantages of friendships between boys and girls.

  • Friendship between opposite genders can be overly attached and complicating once you get confused with your feelings.

 Friendship between you and you friend will be broken once you get into the tricky situation when the other party is not interested in a romantic relationship.



Signing off,

May Teng


2 thoughts on “Friendships between boys and girls

  1. I do believe there are some platonic relationships between a male and a female out there which is successful. Rarely do you find these cases unless both parties do not feel any sexual, physical nor emotional attraction towards the opposite sex. Which is actually very difficult. One fine day a relationship between two opposite genders will form. Could be both or only one party. It’s usually the latter.

    I do agree that you do understand the opposite sex better if you do interact with them often. That would definitely boost your chances in finding a stable relationship with the opposite gender emotionally as you have a rough idea on what they want or how they think. You would know how to impress them on the first date or first meeting.

    A wonderful and well informed post!

  2. I do agree about your point on “Having friends of the opposite gender helps in understanding certain perspective of the opposite gender.”

    This is a very important point because some girls that were in girl schools for about 10 years (like me) might have very little interaction with the opposite gender and this makes us rather stereotypist because we might have encountered only one or two boys and this will therefore cause a huge impact on what we think about boys.

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